Buy Durable and Quality Dam Liners in Australia

Having a dam on a farm is a great way of collecting water for later use for irrigation. Pond liner, also known as dam liner is used to retain water in garden ponds, lakes, and artificial streams. Depending on what is to be contained in the pond, there are following two different types of dam liners commonly used:

  1. Geomembrane: This synthetic membrane liner is used for controlling floods. Geomembrane liner is mostly made using continuous polymeric sheets also known as black plastic. Additives such as antioxidants, plasticizers, carbon black, fillers etc are added to raw polymeric resin. After that it processed for making geomembrane sheets. Extrusion, spread coating or calendaring are the techniques used for making geomembrane sheets of various thicknesses including 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm or 2.5mm.
  2. GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner): This liner is just like a sandwich. A layer of sodium bentonite is stitched between two layers of geotextile. This liner is best known for its ability to slow down any seepage. This is mostly found in landfills and act as a backup for a geomembrane layer.

A dam liner Australia is used for:

Dam Liners in Australia


  • Ponds
  • Landfill cells
  • Channels
  • Brine solution
  • Treatment plants
  • Potable water
  • Waste liquids
  • Golf court water hole

Liquid Containment is a top-ranked supplier of high-quality and highly-durable dam liners in Australia. If you want to eliminate water loss from your dam then you can visit Liquid containment to buy dam liners at affordable prices.


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