Three important features of liquid transfer pump

Fluid transfer pumps are used in a wide range of industries for transferring liquids from the source to the destination. Chemicals, acids, petrol and there are various other liquids which must be transferred safely. The material used in the construction of these pumps depends on the liquid to be transferred. That is why the cost of these pumps is pretty high. However, if you need one for transferring water, then you need not invest that much in the liquid transfer pump.

Water transfer pump is used in homes, commercial units and agriculture for serving following purposes:

  1. Filling and draining swimming pool, hot tub or pond.

    Liquid Transfer Pump
  2. Distribution of pesticides and fertilizers.
  3. Draining water from flooded areas and basements.
  4. In construction and many more

Just like other mechanical devices, water transfer pump also has some features which one should consider before buying. Here are the features you should see in the pump you are going to buy:

  1. GPM Discharge Capacity: GPM stands for gallons per minute. It is the speed at which water flows from the source to the discharge point.
  2. Vertical Suction Lift: The vertical distance between the water source and the pump is called the vertical suction lift. This determines the ability of the pump to lift water from deep ponds.
  3. Maximum Head Lift: The distance between the water source and drainage point is called the maximum head lift. It determines the ability of the pump to transfer water over a distance.

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