High Quality Single Trip and Multi Trip Flexi Tanks

Flexi Tanks are mostly fit into standard ISO containers used for transporting and storing non-regulated liquids inside cargo transport units. Base oils, wine, beer, foodstuff, molasses, fruit juices, latex, water, egg products, glycerine, non-hazardous chemicals, oils, bio-diesels, edible oils, chemicals, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, and many industrial products are transported and stored inside these tanks. However, you cannot transport and store hazardous materials. Following are the commonly used materials for making Flexi tanks:

  • Barrier tanks
  • PVC
  • Bottom discharge
  • Multilayer polyethylene
  • Bottom discharge

It is required to take the utmost care while loading a flexi tank. There should be no glass, sharp edges, nails, rust and physical damage inside the container. And, the inside of the container must be lined with cardboard or corrugated paper.

Liquid Containment is a leading supplier of following quality and durable flexi tanks:

  • Single Trip 20’ and 40’ Flexi tank Shipping Container: This single trip flexi tank provides transportable storage solution of 10,000 to 48,000 liters.
  • Multi Trip 20’ and 40’ Flexi Tank Shipping Container: This multi trip flexi tank provides transportable storage solutions of 10,000 to 48,000 liters.

Both single trip and multi trip flexi tanks are for:

Flexi Tank
  • Agriculture
  • Mining Camp
  • Councils
  • Road Works
  • Workshop
  • Event Management
  • Large cleaning projects
  • Remote irrigation
  • Construction site

To place an online order for these flexi tanks, visit Liquid Containment now.



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