Four Good Reasons for Using Flexible Bladder Tanks

From last few years, traditional fuel tanks made of plastic, concrete, stone, steel and fiberglass are being replaced with bladder tanks made of highly durable polyester, PVC, nylon and some other materials which are able to resist UV radiations, any chemical reaction with the stored fuel and mechanical abrasion due to the surface. Also popular with other names like pillow tank, flexible tank, these are better than traditional fuel tanks from every aspect.

  1. Cost: Because of less time, material and efforts required for manufacturing, a hanging fuel bladder tank costs comparatively less than traditional tank. One can browse the internet to compare the price of a 10,000 litter bladder tank and traditional tank. Moreover, the customer need hire a vehicle to transfer a tank made of concrete, steel or other material. You can simply roll and transfer a bladder tank in your own car.

    Hanging Fuel Bladders
  2. Installation: It is not easy to install rigid water tanks. You may have to request a few of your neighbors for help. Moreover, most of the times, these tanks are installed permanently. On the other hand, you need not seek anybody’s help to install a bladder tank.
  3. Usability: Flexible tanks can be used anywhere. When you are out at sea, carrying fuel in a rigid tank is not feasible. However, bladder tanks are of great use in such situations.
  4. Transportation: Flexible tanks are designed to fit anywhere. Loading, transferring and unloading heavy traditional rigid tanks are not easy tasks to accomplish. However, it is not same in the case bladder tanks.

Therefore, if you need to store a fuel, you should purchase a bladder tank instead traditional rigid tank.


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