How to Prevent Water Transfer Pumps from Corrosion?

Preventing corrosion is important to make sure that the pump used in any industrial operation lasts a long time with the minimum decline in performance. Especially if it is a submersible pump, it is more prone to wears and tears and its life is likely to be reduced. Leakage and reduced flow of the fluid are two major problems caused after the water transfers pump is corroded. Preventing it from corrosion keeps it in excellent running conditions and that too for years.

corroded water transfer pumps

Deploy the Right Kind of Pump     

One kind of pump can operate in some specific conditions only. You should buy a pump that suits the working environment from every aspect. The best and the easiest way of avoiding corrosion is buying the right kind of pump manufactured by the leading manufacturer. It also depends on what kind of liquid is transferred by the pump. You should understand that corrosion is natural and cannot be avoided with time. However, when we are using a high-quality pump, corrosion is delayed. A high-quality pump is designed to handle harsh environments and substances.

Here is an example, salt water accelerates corrosion. Being very good conductor, it dissociates a lot of ions. A good number of electrolysis reactions take place and quickly corrode the pump. Therefore, to pump seawater, we need a special kind of water transfer pump that is least affected by these reactions.

Seawater pumps

Prevent External Parts

External parts of the pump are not directly exposed to the material being pumped. These external parts also must be protected in conditions that can cause and accelerate corrosion. External parts should be made from a material that can survive in hostile environment. The material should be able to resist water and rust. To prevent corrosion of external parts, you can make use of paint, special coating and other similar products. By using the appropriate product, you can practically protect the surface as the coating repels water and other contaminants as well.

Corrosion impinges on the economy and safety. Back in 1976, the United States carried out a study and found that the metallic corrosion was costing $70 billion annually that was the 4.2% of the gross national product. Many industries use water for fabricating, washing, processing, diluting, transporting, cooling and numerous other processes. The pump may stop operating abruptly due to corrosion. All these processes cannot be executed without an adequate supply of water.

Protecting the pump from corrosion is pretty simple and easy. Buy the right pump that can operate in specific conditions and protect internal and external parts with a coating that repels water and rust.


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