Water Bladders Vs Water Bottles-What Should Be Your Choice

Water bladders and water bottles are two great ways of collecting, storing and transporting glorious heavy liquid. Whether you want to store water directly from your roof or transport water from one place to another, these both options are just perfect.

Water Bladders Vs Water Bottles.PNG

From washing your car and dog to watering the garden and plants, a bladders tank is an ideal way to do all these things. No matter what’s your choice: Flexi Make water bladders or water bottles, let’s find out some pros and cons of water bladders and bottles, so you can choose the right option for your needs.

 Water Bladders

Since a water bladder can mold itself into almost any space, it is extremely easy to fit bladder inside a backpack. Also, it reduces in size when you empty the water bladder. It can also be banked up together end by end for more water storage. That’s why it is easy to take your bladder to a new place. Because of its big size, you can use water bladder for various purposes such as watering plants and gardens, washing car and pets and storing a large amount of water for future uses.

You can purchase bladder tanks of different capacities as per your needs. Flex Make water bladders provide you with accurate volumes based on the recommended natural pillow shape of bladder tanks and the fill heights. Some of the great features of high-quality water bladders are:

  • Algae resistant
  • Environmentally friendly TPU material
  • No PVC taste or smell in water
  • Suitable for storing water for drinking, irrigation or pool filling
  • Non-elastic walled
  • No glues or residues
  • Pressure tested
  • Manufactured from high-quality PE
  • Self-supporting so no need for a frame
  • UV stabilized

While purchasing a water bladder make sure to properly test out it. Choose the one in which you can get you whole hand into. Eventually, it will help you to clean water bladder easily.

 Water Bottles

No matter where you are, water bottles are your best friend. The importance of water bottle increases when it is so hot and you need water. Water bottles are easy to fill up and less likely to leak. You can also easily pour water from your bottle into another container. This is great when you need to make a cup of the coffee or shares water with your friends.

Water bottles have some disadvantages too. Water bottles can contain limited water or the small amount of water, so you can’t use it for various purposes. Moreover, bottles are difficult to clean if they have small mouth opening.