Four Good Reasons for Using Flexible Bladder Tanks

From last few years, traditional fuel tanks made of plastic, concrete, stone, steel and fiberglass are being replaced with bladder tanks made of highly durable polyester, PVC, nylon and some other materials which are able to resist UV radiations, any chemical reaction with the stored fuel and mechanical abrasion due to the surface. Also popular with other names like pillow tank, flexible tank, these are better than traditional fuel tanks from every aspect.

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Purchasing the Right Fabric Liquid Storage Bladders

The most economical solution for liquid storage is a pillow tank. These tanks are flexible and collapsible. No unnecessary space is occupied by these storage solutions when no liquid is stored. These tanks can also be loaded into a truck for transferring liquids. You can also place these tanks inside an enclosed area. More and more homeowners are purchasing pillow tanks for storing water. Commercially, tanks of different capacities are used for storing fuels, dielectric oils, chemicals, gases, effluents, slurries, and water. Apart from various industries, the usage of these tanks is also found in defense, agriculture, remote work camps, relief organizations, hotels and many more.

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Collecting and preserving water in water storage bladder tank

We all are well aware of the importance of water for our survival and growth. NASA and other space agencies looking for possibilities of life on Mars or some other places in the universe are actually searching for water or signs of water. However, here on our own planet, we are facing some serious clean water shortage problems. According to some studies, there are nearly 1 billion people around the world not getting clean and safe drinking water. Therefore, wherever and whenever we can, we must save and preserve water.

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Three important features of liquid transfer pump

Fluid transfer pumps are used in a wide range of industries for transferring liquids from the source to the destination. Chemicals, acids, petrol and there are various other liquids which must be transferred safely. The material used in the construction of these pumps depends on the liquid to be transferred. That is why the cost of these pumps is pretty high. However, if you need one for transferring water, then you need not invest that much in the liquid transfer pump.

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