Purchasing the Right Fabric Liquid Storage Bladders

The most economical solution for liquid storage is a pillow tank. These tanks are flexible and collapsible. No unnecessary space is occupied by these storage solutions when no liquid is stored. These tanks can also be loaded into a truck for transferring liquids. You can also place these tanks inside an enclosed area. More and more homeowners are purchasing pillow tanks for storing water. Commercially, tanks of different capacities are used for storing fuels, dielectric oils, chemicals, gases, effluents, slurries, and water. Apart from various industries, the usage of these tanks is also found in defense, agriculture, remote work camps, relief organizations, hotels and many more.

Even if fabric liquid storage bladders are inexpensive, the customers should keep following things in mind to make their investment worth:

  1. A wide range of materials are used for storing different liquids. For example, to store drinking water, the tank should be made of fabrics approved by the governing bodies. Normal tanks used for preserving water cannot store gasoline, chemical-based liquid mixtures and fuels etc.

    Fabric Liquid Storage Bladders
  2. In addition to what to store, how much to store is also an important factor to be considered. One can purchase tanks of different capacities and some manufacturers can also make custom tanks as per the customer’s requirements.
  3. The next factor to be considered is the climate in which you are keeping the tank. Normally, these tanks can withstand the temperature ranging from -58 to 180 degree Fahrenheit.

Liquid Containment offers durable and quality fabric liquid storage bladders in Australia. Tanks are made of various materials like geo fabrics, geo composite membranes, PP, PE and RPE, AEON, PTL, XOR, XOL and many more.


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